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Who is Wizard Snow Removal? 

Wizard Snow Removal is based in the Northwest Twin Cities Metro area. We're a small family run company that specializes in small and medium-sized commercial/industrial and medium to large-sized residential snow removal and ice control. We provide services to select small residential customers as well.

We consistently monitor weather forecasts many days before a winter event is expected, and respond accordingly before, during, and after a winter event to ensure safe conditions on your property. High-tech tools such as GPS tracking units, radio and cellular communications, and truck mounted computers capable of up to the minute radar updates, allow us to keep up with changing winter conditions to ensure the best possible service.

Our customers appreciate our attention to detail, skilled operators, and sophisticated ice control techniques to ensure safe, snow and ice-free, conditions throughout the winter season. We utilize several high-tech tools and advanced deicing technologies to prevent and remove snow, hardpack snow, ice, and slush from paved surfaces.

We also employ several sidewalk crews who aren't afraid to work hard for you. Sidewalks are cleared right to the edges to prevent melt/refreeze problems, hard packed snow from foot traffic is scraped, and salt is applied as needed to remove and prevent ice accumulations. While many local contractors turn down customers with sidewalk clearing needs, our "Minnesota-native" shovelers aren't afraid of a little cold weather.

Year after year, we reinvest a substantial portion of our revenues into updating our equipment with the latest and greatest snow removal and ice control technologies in order to provide the best possible service to our customers. From conditions during a snow event, to the time it takes until your property is clear after an event, we put technology to work for you!

We have no desire to become a "large" contractor, as we will not compromise the level of service our customers enjoy or allow them to become "just a number". We look forward to establishing personal relationships with our customers, and we desire to be the last winter services contractor you'll ever hire.