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Innovative Ice Control Technologies

Wizard Snow Removal is equipped to handle every variety of ice and snow problem mother nature can throw at us. We utilize a variety of methods and deicing chemicals to manage accumulations of hard-packed snow and ice to ensure the safest possible conditions on your property. While many contractors spread salt, salt, and more salt, we realize that there is no "one size fits all" in ice control.

Our policy is to service properties as quickly as possible after the storm, regardless of the time of day or day of week. We take this proactive approach, because all too often, Minnesota snow storms are followed by bitter cold temperatures, and the sooner your property is serviced, the sooner safe conditions can be achieved.

Driving Surface Ice Control

We employ a variety of dry and liquid ice control products for asphalt driving surfaces. We use magnesium chloride liquid with corrosion inhibitors on nearly every ice control application, by either spraying it directly onto rock salt as it is being spread from truck mounted spreaders, or using pre-treated product such as Cargill Clearlane. This results in rock salt that is more likely to "stick" to the surface instead of bouncing off or being scattered by vehicles, and starts the process of disolving the rock salt immediately, and creating the brine solution that does the melting. We also have unique equipment that allows us to mix varying ratios of products as they're being applied to increase effectiveness in cold temperatures.

Sidewalk Ice Control

For sidewalk applications, we mix our own dry products to ensure quality and effectiveness, dependant upon property requirements and weather conditions. Our experience has shown that most pre-mixed bagged products do not represent a good value for our customers, we therefore mix our own products to ensure the most effective ice melter at a reasonable cost. We also employ treated salt products such as Cargill Clearlane and Magic-Salt to ensure safe conditions in cold temperatures.

Sand or Sand/Salt Mix Applications

Wizard Snow Removal does not typically spread sand. Sand is however still fairly common amongst local contractors due to it's low cost.

  • Sand does not melt ice, the chemicals mixed into it (typically sodium or calcium) do the melting, but are typically at such low ratios, the chemicals aren't very effective. Due to this, contractors often over-apply.
  • Sand is "pushed into" the ice and hardpack by vehicles traveling over it, reducing it's effectiveness.
  • Sand tracks easily into buildings, causing increased flooring wear, increased interior cleaning costs and higher maintenance costs.
  • Sand is difficult to remove from turf grasses in the spring and often causes turf damage.
  • After the snow and ice has melted, the residual sand can be quite slippery for pedestrians.
  • Sand must be swept up in the spring, increasing property maintenance costs.

In the vast majority of icing scenarios, slippery conditions can be prevented and/or removed through the use of deicing chemicals and mechanical removal. Sand is typically only required for temporaty traction when extremely cold temperatures are present for an extended amount of time.