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Sidewalks too? No problem!

Wizard Snow Removal employs top shelf sidewalk crews that take pride in their work. We gladly perform the sidewalk work many companies shy away from. Our sidewalk crews are the best at what they do, and their work speaks for itself. When our crews use snow blowers or small equipment to clear sidewalks, they also take the time to go back over sidewalks with a shovel to ensure they are completely clear of snow.

Sidewalk crews clear sidewalks to every edge, every time, preventing snow melt from running across the sidewalk and refreezing, further reducing the property owner's liability. Our crews are fully trained in the various modern deicing techniques and chemicals, applying only as much product as is necessary, reducing tracking and unsightly turf damage come springtime. Chemicals appropriate to weather conditions are applied to ensure complete melting of snow and ice, preventing refreeze, and providing safe walking surfaces.

Wizard snow removal also provides flexible sidewalk services that meet our customers specific needs. Many customers will chose a budget-minded level of service, handling shoveling and salting themselves up to 1". Others choose a higher level of service, where we visit the property for any amount of precipitation to ensure safe conditions. Sidewalk services of any level are available regardless of the level of service required on driving surfaces.